Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is life about trading?

Some people get upset when they do not get expected returns of their good deeds or favors done to others. They start feeling that life is not fair; they are not getting their dues. They are the ones who are taking all the pains to make other people happy. In return to this, they must get something back from those people – appreciation, thanks, favour, something……Their good act should not be ignored. If it is so, then what is the fun in doing good for others. They believe in give and take. This is treating life as a trade junction.

My viewpoint is that life indeed is a trade junction but it is a huge trade junction. There are too many windows all around. You have to make deposit at one window and get the payments from some other window. You need not enquire, from which window. When your turn will come, you will be called up and given your dues. The junction takes care of that. You need not worry about it. Just count how much you have deposited. Do not wait in front of the same window for getting a payment.

Do good for others and move on. What you do for someone will come back to you from some one else. You do not know from whom, from where. Why worry? The universe will take care of that.

Nupur Jaiswal
Soft Skills & Personal Development Trainer

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