Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is Life a journey?

Life is a journey and to have a good and enjoyable journey one must know three things:-
1. What is my destination?
2. Are my headlights strong enough for me to see the next 100 meters?
3. What to do when I am at crossroads?

Unless we know our destination, we will have a nice time on the road and reach nowhere. And the beauty of the trip will be that we will not know whether we have reached where we wanted to or not. We will not know whether to be happy or not? It is as good as getting lost.

But we need not spend an entire lifetime just planning our route. Then we can never get started. As long as we are sure about next 100 meters, we are ok. As long as we know the final destination, the route will unfold itself.

When we are at the crossroads and not sure about the correct turn – we have two choices, either ask someone who has been on this route before or take a chance and lose the track. We can do any of the two. It depends on the gravity of the destination whether we can take a chance or not. If we rushing to the hospital with our child who is fighting for life, we cannot afford not to take the right direction even if it means asking several times on the way.

How serious you are about your life and what do you plan to do is a choice.
After all it’s your life.

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