Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is life like a train?

When ever I am traveling by train, I feel as if life is also like a train.

When you enter the train you do not know who your co-passengers are going to be. When you come in this world then also you do not know who will the people around you. But you can choose to be friends with them or spend the entire journey without uttering a word. But imaging if suddenly there was a crisis, what will happen, will you be able to still remain quiet? You will be forced to interact in moments of crisis. Then why not talk to them now, when there is no crisis. We should not always wait for some crisis for talking to fellow men and women. Even peace is a good time to talk to people.

Sitting in a train, it is fun to look outside. Each moment new scenes, new places, new people keep on passing by. You have an opportunity to enjoy watching them but if you choose to shut down your window, it’s all dark for you. The scenes are still there, people are still there, places are still there but you have chosen not to see them, not to enjoy them. May be you are enjoying your darkness or the limited view that you have now with a shut window. But you must take a glimpse of the outside world before reaching to any conclusion. You must know what you are choosing over what.

In an unreserved compartment, people are always divided into two sections – one who are outside the compartment on the platform, trying to get in and others who are in the compartment resenting the new crowd. Once the outsiders come inside, they become the insiders and start resenting those who are still the outsiders. In life also there is always a resistance for new things, new ideas, new concepts etc. Those who are new today and struggling to get recognition and get their place under the sun, become the resisting force tomorrow. Each generation faces a generation gap with the next generation. They behave as if they are sitting inside a train while others are on the platform, struggling to get in and displace them or replace them or may be misplace them.

But then that is life. Lets enjoy it.

Nupur Jaiswal
Personality Development & SOft Skills Trainer


hansyoga said...

It is good,Nupur. Life is indeed a journey and your examples fit well. Keep up ! Cheers-Hans

Ramnarayan said...

Life is like a train.The experiences are very well narrated in a lively manner.The gossips made by passengers while on travel reflect the state of the nation,a peep into people's life. Thank you,you do have a nice skill for good presentation.